Konana and Obour KO share New Highlife Video “Gye W’Ani” to celebrate Ghana Month – WATCH

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Ghanaian singer, Konana, has released a new highlife video titled “Gye W’Ani” to celebrate Ghana Month.

The video features fellow highlife artist Obour KO, with whom Konana recently released a joint highlife album.

“Gye W’Ani” is an Akan phrase that means “celebrating life regardless of trials and tribulations.” This message is reflected in the upbeat, danceable rhythms of the highlife genre, which has its roots in Ghana and has been popularized around the world.

In Ghana, the month of March is dedicated to celebrating the country’s independence, making it the perfect time to shine a spotlight on Ghanaian music and culture. Konana’s new video does just that, showcasing the vibrant energy and joyful spirit of highlife music.

The timing of the release is also fitting for the upcoming Easter season, a time of celebration and renewal. The video captures the essence of the season, with its colorful imagery and upbeat tempo.

Konana is a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene, known for his soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence. His collaboration with Obour KO has been eagerly anticipated by fans of highlife music, and the “Gye W’Ani” video does not disappoint.

With its infectious rhythm and positive message, “Gye W’Ani” is sure to become a favorite among fans of highlife music around the world. The video is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and celebrate life in all its ups and downs.

As Ghana continues to make its mark on the global music scene, artists like Konana and Obour KO are at the forefront of the movement, sharing the rich sounds and culture of the country with the world. “Gye W’Ani” is just the latest example of the vibrant and dynamic music that is coming out of Ghana today.

To experience the joy and energy of highlife music for yourself, be sure to check out Konana and Obour KO’s new video for “Gye W’Ani.” It is a celebration of life and a reminder to embrace every moment with joy and gratitude.


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