Jackie Appiah Heavenly Pregnant

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Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has recently caught the attention of social media users after a video of her heavily pregnant popped up.

The actress was seen walking uncomfortably in heels with her manager at blogger Nkonkonsa’s 4020 party which was held at the Airport West Hotel.

In the video, Appiah appeared to be feeling uncomfortable and heavy as she grabbed a seat at the entrance of the party.

The MC, Abeiku Santana, acknowledged her presence and invited her to come to the stage, but it seemed that the heavily pregnant actress was too tired to walk to the front.

Since the video went viral, some netizens have reacted to it, with some expressing concern for the actress’s health and others criticizing her for not wearing more comfortable shoes.

One user, @Jackie_appiahba, commented, “She might be pregnant oooo….cus eiiii“. Another user, @Kayamata queen, said, “She shld hv worn flats if she’s not feeling well or in pains“.

Despite the mixed reactions, many users also praised Appiah’s beauty and expressed admiration for her ability to walk in heels while heavily pregnant. One user, @Georgina, said, “Pregnant and walking in heels is not an easy thing.. Jackie is beautiful 😍“.


Overall, the video of Jackie Appiah has sparked a conversation on social media about the challenges of being pregnant and the expectations placed on women to continue performing at a high level despite their physical limitations.

While some have criticized the actress for not taking better care of herself, others have expressed empathy and understanding for the challenges she is facing.

In any case, the video of Jackie Appiah has reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and our bodies, especially during pregnancy, and of being mindful of the expectations we place on others.


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