You Can Love A Woman But Not Marry Her Because…” – Man Explains (See Details)

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A Nigerian blogger has sparked a heated debate on social media with his opinion on why some relationships do not end up in marriage.

The blogger, identified as Timi, took to Twitter to express his belief that men enter into relationships with women for two reasons, sex and love, but ultimately marry for stability.

Timi explained that when it comes to settling down, men do not base their decisions solely on love or sex. Instead, they look for stability, which he defined as “peace of mind.”

He gave examples of men who may be in love with a woman for years but end up marrying someone else they met recently, simply because the new woman brings stability into their lives.

According to Timi, men think about marriage from a visionary perspective. They consider whether a woman can build a home, take care of their children, and give them peace of mind.

They do not think about wedding dresses or bridesmaids, which are often viewed as fanciful by most women.

Timi further stated that men do not like women who give them discomfort, which is why they may stay with a woman for years and then meet someone else in a month and get married to her. The comfort of having peace of mind is what men want, and they see respect as a form of stability.

The tweets sparked a heated conversation on social media, with many people sharing their opinions on the matter.

Some agreed with Timi, stating that stability is crucial in any marriage. Others disagreed, arguing that love and mutual respect should be the foundation of any relationship, and stability would naturally follow.

Regardless of the differing opinions, Timi’s tweets have sparked a much-needed conversation about the reasons why some relationships do not lead to marriage.

Many people have shared their experiences and offered advice to others who may be struggling with similar situations.

In conclusion, Timi’s tweets have shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of relationships and marriage. While love and sex are important, stability and peace of mind are equally crucial in ensuring a long and happy marriage.

Ultimately, every individual’s situation is different, and it’s up to them to decide what factors are most important when it comes to settling down.

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