Celeb Feud Alert: Efia Odo Throws Major Shade at Fred Nuamah’s Political Ambitions

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Ghanaian actress and social media personality, Efia Odo, has recently made headlines for her comments directed toward fellow industry peer Fred Nuamah.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Odo took aim at Nuamah for his apparent inability to handle a simple awards ceremony, suggesting that if he can’t handle such an event, he wouldn’t be able to handle parliament.

Odo’s comments were likely spurred by recent events surrounding the 2021 Golden Movie Awards Africa, which Nuamah founded and serves as the CEO of. The awards ceremony, which was held in late September, was plagued by a number of issues that led to criticism and backlash from attendees and viewers alike. Some of the issues cited included poor organization, technical difficulties, and delays.

Efia Odo Throws Major Shade at Fred Nuamah's Political Ambitions

In her Instagram post, Odo stated, “If you can’t handle a simple awards ceremony, how will you handle parliament? Let’s wake up and stop the nonsense.” Her comments were met with mixed reactions, with some expressing support for her boldness, while others criticized her for being disrespectful and unnecessarily combative.

Regardless of one’s stance on Odo’s comments, it’s clear that the issues surrounding the 2021 Golden Movie Awards Africa are cause for concern. Events like these play an important role in promoting and celebrating the arts in Africa, and poor organization and execution can have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

Efia Odo Throws Major Shade at Fred Nuamah's Political Ambitions

It remains to be seen how Nuamah and his team will respond to the criticism they’ve received, and what steps they will take to improve future events. But one thing is clear: the success of such events depends on the dedication and professionalism of those involved in their planning and execution.

In conclusion, while Odo’s comments may have been harsh, they bring attention to an important issue that should not be ignored. It’s up to all those involved in organizing and participating in events like the Golden Movie Awards Africa to ensure that they are executed in a professional and efficient manner, to the benefit of the industry and its stakeholders.


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