Marriages are collapsing because men do not marry virgins, non-virgins block all blessings – Mr Logic to men

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Mr Logic, a Ghanaian entertainment pundit, has sparked controversy with his recent comments about marriage and virginity.

He opined that men should only marry virgins because non-virgins “block all blessings” and hinder the success of the marriage spiritually.

Speaking in a conversation with popular Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, Mr Logic explained that marrying a virgin is spiritually significant and opens doors of blessings for the man.

He went on to say that the reason why marriages are failing is because men have stopped marrying virgins like their ancestors did.

According to Mr Logic, every man who is ready for marriage should obey the spiritual call to marry a virgin and ensure that the woman is pure and unblemished. He also advised parents to encourage their sons to marry virgins.

However, Mr Logic’s comments have been met with mixed reactions from Ghanaians, with some criticizing his stance as archaic and misogynistic. Many have accused him of promoting outdated and harmful ideas about women and marriage.

It is important to note that virginity is a personal choice, and women should not be shamed or judged for their sexual history.

Marriage is a partnership between two people, and the success of the union is determined by factors such as love, trust, communication, and compatibility, not virginity.

In conclusion, while Mr Logic is entitled to his opinion, it is essential to recognize that marriage is a personal choice, and individuals should marry whoever they love and are compatible with, regardless of their sexual history.

Virginity should not be used as a measure of a woman’s worth or as a determinant of a successful marriage.

Instead, we should focus on building healthy and respectful relationships based on mutual love and understanding.


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