Meet the 68-year-old man with 8 wives and 7 mistresses

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In a world where monogamy is the norm, a Kenyan man named David Zakayo Kalukhana stands out with his 8 wives and 7 mistresses.

Mr. Kalukhana, who is now 68 years old, claims that he is too smart for one woman to manage and needs multiple wives to handle his intellectual prowess.

Hailing from Teresia Village in Kakamega County, Mr. Kalukhana first got married in 1987 but he quickly felt that he needed more than one wife to keep up with him.

“A head like mine cannot be managed by one woman. It is like a big sack of maize which has to be divided into smaller parts for ease of movement. I need many wives so that they can manage the amount of brains and ideas in my head. I am too smart for one wife,” Mr. Kalukhana told the Sunday Nation.

Despite his unorthodox lifestyle, Mr. Kalukhana seems to be doing well for himself and his family. He owns a half-acre parcel of land on which he grows maize and sugarcane to feed his large family.

He also does menial jobs such as landscaping and constructing stone fences to provide for his family.

Mr. Kalukhana has a total of 107 children with his wives and mistresses and every month, he buys five bags of maize to distribute to his family to ensure that they never sleep hungry.

All his children of school-going age attend school and he toils daily to raise money to ensure that they receive an education for their future.

Despite his success, Mr. Kalukhana’s lifestyle raises questions about the ethics of polygamy and the impact it has on women and children.

His wives and mistresses live together, cook together, eat together, and share their food. While Mr. Kalukhana claims that he takes care of all of them, it is unclear how much agency they have in their own lives and whether they are happy with their situation.

Furthermore, Mr. Kalukhana’s claims that he is too smart for one woman and needs multiple wives to manage his intellect seem like a flimsy excuse for his desire for multiple partners.

It is important to note that intelligence does not equate to a need for multiple partners, and it is crucial to examine the motives behind such decisions.

In conclusion, David Zakayo Kalukhana’s story is a fascinating one, but it raises important questions about the ethics of polygamy and the impact it has on women and children.

While Mr. Kalukhana claims that he is doing well for himself and his family, it is important to examine the agency and happiness of his wives and mistresses.

It is also crucial to question the validity of his claims that his intelligence necessitates multiple partners.


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