My wife thinks I am a god in bed – Adjetey Anang Reveals

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Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang has recently made headlines with his bold claim that his wife thinks he is a god in bed.

The veteran actor, who is known for his roles in several Ghanaian films, spoke about his sex life in an interview with Sika Osei on Lynx Tv.

During the interview, Adjetey was asked if sex becomes boring at a point in marriage, to which he responded with an emphatic “no”. He went on to reveal that his wife not only enjoys their time in bed, but also adds to the excitement with occasional surprises, hugs from behind, and compliments when they are around friends.

The actor, who is also known as “Pusher”, further added that his wife recently praised him for getting even better in bed as their years of marriage keep increasing. When asked about the sexiest part of his body, Adjetey confidently replied, “the hairs on my chest”.

However, the actor also emphasized that sex is not just about the bedroom act, but rather a gradual process that involves building intimacy and trust with one’s partner. He believes that a healthy sex life is one of the key components of a successful marriage.

Adjetey’s bold statements have garnered mixed reactions on social media, with some praising him for his openness and honesty, while others criticize him for oversharing personal information about his sex life.

Despite the controversy, Adjetey remains a respected figure in Ghana’s entertainment industry, with numerous accolades and awards to his name, including the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

In conclusion, Adjetey Anang’s recent interview has shed light on the importance of a healthy sex life in a marriage.

While some may find his openness uncomfortable, it is important to acknowledge that discussing sex in a respectful and consensual manner can help couples build stronger relationships and deepen their intimacy.

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