Poor Men Should Not Cheat On Their Girlfriends: Gh You Tuber (+VIDEO)

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In recent news, Ghanaian YouTuber and show presenter, Ms Enny, has spoken out about cheating in relationships, specifically regarding poor men.

Enny claims that poor men have no right to cheat on their partners, as it is insulting to both parties involved.

During a recent episode of her show on YouTube, Enny stated that if she were dating a poor man and he cheated on her, she would break up with him.

She argued that it was bad enough that he was not bringing home enough money, and it was even worse that he was carrying the little that he made to another woman.


Enny suggested that if a man were wealthy, women would be more understanding and forgiving of a cheating spouse.

While this statement may be controversial, Enny’s point is that financial stability plays a significant role in relationships.

Enny’s perspective is not the only one on this matter. A Nigerian Twitter influencer, BOD, recently advised against men dating women who cannot support them in difficult situations.

In BOD’s opinion, dating a woman who cannot provide financial support when her man is in need is a complete waste of time.

While these opinions may seem harsh, they highlight the importance of financial stability in relationships.

Money can be a significant source of stress in a relationship, and having a partner who can provide financial support can alleviate some of that stress.

However, it is also important to note that financial stability is not the only factor in a successful relationship. Communication, trust, and compatibility are also crucial elements.

In conclusion, Enny’s opinion on cheating and BOD’s advice on dating women who can provide financial support may be controversial, but they bring attention to the role of financial stability in relationships.

While it is important to consider financial stability when entering a relationship, it is also essential to remember that it is not the only factor in a successful and fulfilling partnership.



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