Stop Living Fake Lives – Destiny Etiko Warns Against Chasing Away Helpers With Boastful Life

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Nollywood star, Destiny Etiko, has issued a warning to Nigerians against living fake lives on social media.

According to the actress, people who live fake lives unknowingly push away their destiny helpers because everyone thinks they are already comfortable.

Speaking in a recent interview, Destiny Etiko cautioned people against coming online to boast about a life they do not have. The actress advised individuals to stop chasing clout and concentrate on managing their lives.

“If you know you are managing your life, even if you are not managing your life there is no need to come onto social media and rant.

You are this, you are that, I own this, I own that. You do not know when you are chasing your destiny helper. Don’t come and be saying you have what you do not have.

You do this, you do that. It doesn’t pay,” she said.

Destiny Etiko noted that it was unnecessary for people to pretend to have what they do not own.

She added that even if one has limited resources, there is no need to fake it on social media. The actress explained that if she, who is financially comfortable, can admit to managing her resources, then others should be honest about their financial status as well.

“Why I’m saying this is because even me, who has money, you can see me and I will tell you that I am managing. You too can think, ‘Oh, I thought she had that kind of money.’

But she’s managing. If I get any link, I will link you up. Stop living fake lives,” she advised.

The actress noted that living a fake life online can be detrimental to one’s future as it can push away potential helpers. She encouraged Nigerians to be proud of their current situation and work hard to improve their lives, rather than pretending to be someone they are not.

Destiny Etiko has become a popular figure in Nollywood, featuring in several blockbuster movies.

The actress has over two million followers on Instagram, where she frequently shares updates on her personal and professional life.


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