The woman I married from the village and brought to Accra has come pompous and disrespectful – Husband laments

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A young Ghanaian man’s social media post is making waves, as he laments about his wife’s pompous and disrespectful attitude towards him after they got married.

The man, who gave his name as Kwesi, had opted to marry a woman from the village, believing that women from the city were more demanding and had an insatiable appetite for money. However, he soon discovered that he was mistaken.

Kwesi’s post, which has since gone viral on social media, outlines how his wife’s behavior changed after she made new friends in the capital city. She began demanding huge sums of money from him and going to nightclubs.

What’s more, the once-submissive and respectful wife had become arrogant and would always talk back at him when he tried to advise her.

According to Kwesi, poverty and the signs of bad living in the village had forced most people to be humble. However, when they come out of such deplorable states, their true nature surfaces.

He believes that husbands should never help their wives to become better than them, as this is what leads to such behavior.

Kwesi’s story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about getting married. It is crucial to take the time to get to know someone before making any hasty decisions.

Marriage is a long-term commitment that calls for mutual love, respect, and understanding, and these traits cannot be ensured solely by geographical closeness or cultural familiarity.

In conclusion, Kwesi’s story highlights the importance of understanding and accepting each other’s values and beliefs in a relationship. It is essential to maintain open communication, mutual respect, and understanding to avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise in a marriage.



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