Wife shares alarming details of how her husband pays her for s#x

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Wife shares alarming details of how her husband pays her for sex.

She claims that her husband gives her money every time they have intercourse, and even takes her on dates to motels where he pays her after each sexual encounter.
The woman, who has been married to her husband for three years, has reportedly told the relationship expert that she feels like a “runs girl” because of the way her husband treats her.
She claimed that when they were dating, she found it amusing that her partner would pay her for her body. However, she did not expect this behavior to continue after they got married.
The woman further claimed that she had assumed her husband’s kink would have subsided after they became husband and wife, but this has not been the case. She has also revealed that they have not been able to have children yet.

Wife shares alarming details of how her husband pays her for sex

The relationship expert who shared the woman’s story online expressed her concern for the woman’s emotional well-being.

She explained that while it is important for partners to be sexually compatible, it is not okay for one partner to treat the other like a commodity.

The expert advised the woman to have a serious conversation with her husband and make it clear to him how his behavior is making her feel.

She also suggested that the couple seek the help of a therapist to work through their issues.

This story is a reminder of the importance of mutual respect in relationships. While it is normal for couples to have sexual preferences, it is essential to treat one’s partner with dignity and respect.

Partners should also communicate their needs and boundaries clearly to ensure that both parties are happy and fulfilled in the relationship.

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