Young Man Saves Money To Buy Ex-Girlfriend IPhone 13; Netizens React (WATCH VIDEO)

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In a heartwarming yet controversial story that has taken social media by storm, a young Nigerian man has captured the attention of netizens for his extraordinary efforts to purchase an iPhone 13 for his ex-girlfriend.

The man, who remains unnamed, shared his story on social media, revealing that he had saved up for months to buy the latest iPhone for his ex-girlfriend, who had complained about her old phone.

The young man’s dedication and love for his ex-girlfriend touched many hearts, but also sparked a debate about whether spending such a large sum of money on a gift for an ex-girlfriend was wise.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the man counting the wad of cash he had saved up, which he proudly displays before heading to the phone store to purchase the latest iPhone. In the footage, the man’s excitement and nervousness are palpable as he hands over the money to the cashier, who hands him the iPhone 13.

However, what followed next surprised many netizens. The ex-girlfriend reportedly declined the gift, stating that she had moved on and did not want to rekindle their relationship. The man, undeterred, expressed that he still wanted her to have the phone as a gift.

Young Man Saves Money To Buy Ex-Girlfriend IPhone 13; Netizens React (WATCH VIDEO)

The video has sparked a mixed reaction from social media users, with many praising the man’s dedication and selflessness, while others have criticized him for wasting his money on an ex-girlfriend. Some netizens have even gone as far as questioning whether the story is a publicity stunt or a hoax.

Regardless of the authenticity of the story, the video has ignited an interesting conversation about the value of gifts and relationships. While some believe that spending money on someone you care about is a sign of love, others argue that true love is not measured by material possessions.

Below are some reactions to the news:

“Na my sch area be this 😂😂 I don’t believe..ishieke guys won’t do such😂😂😂”

“Una don break
Why you no collect the 13 and give her the 6″

“Wahala and ur mama never chop o abga baller 😂😂”

“Where can I find him 😂😂😂”

“Dem don use this guy 😂😂😂”

In conclusion, the story of the young Nigerian man who saved up to buy his ex-girlfriend an iPhone 13 has caused a stir on social media, with netizens divided over his actions.

Whether it was a genuine act of love or a publicity stunt, the story serves as a reminder that love and relationships are complex and should be treated with care and consideration.


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